His and Her Wishlist about us.


Gift Ideas for Someone’s Wishlist or Your Own Wishlist

His and Her Wishlist is a product review site for gift ideas that could be in someone’s wishlist or your own wishlist.

Products reviewed are highly rated by actual customers who purchased the product.

Unlike other sites, these reviews are based on what customers are saying about the product. This are real life reviews of real people who owns the product, who uses it day in and day out, and not just a one time thing for the purpose of a review. 

If you are like us, we read so many reviews, forums, and so many google searches before we buy a product, before we travel or when looking to find a solution to a problem. Sometimes it might take months before we decide which to get.

Our site will show you the pros and cons we have gathered from our research. Customers raved about these products reviewed.

We look for products that are versatile, durable and that would last for a long time.

We are happy to buy something really cheap but at times we don’t mind spending more for a well known quality brand that people raved about. There’s reason why people raved about a product. If we are not familiar with the brand, we read so many reviews before we buy it. We are curious what real customers are saying about it. Just be aware that not all online reviews are legit. We are very detailed and meticulous when buying a product.

We hope that you find all the information provided helpful and answers all your questions.