Top Rated Best Ninja Blenders Review & Comparison


Ninja Professional Blender (BL610) – Ninja Blender Under $100

Crush ice into snow in seconds with the Ninja Professional 1000-Watt Blender. Make nutrient rich juices or smoothies with  whole fruits and vegetables. The Ninja Professional blender features a sleek design and at the same time it provides outstanding performance which is a great addition to any kitchen. When using the Ninja Professional 1000-Watt Blender you will be assured it would stay in position due to its nonslip base. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Also, they have all these safety features like the blade will not spin unless the lid is secured tightly in place.


A very powerful, well built blender with triple sharp blades that are easy to remove. So many safety features to be followed. The container jar is screwed to the base unit and the cap has to be locked in place or else if not properly followed power light will flash and the unit will not run. Great for making smoothies and powerful in ice crushing. Pulverizes everything and can be used to ground coffee beans. Great customer service with 1 years warranty.

  • It boast 1000 watts of professional performance power and sleek design
  • Includes 72 oz. pitcher with pour spout for no mess poruing
  • Makes drinks and smoothies in seconds with total crushing technology
  • Includes a safety feature that keeps the blades from spinning unless lid is secured. Great safety feature
  • No slip base
  • BFA free and blender parts is dishwasher safe
  • Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 8.2 x 15.8 inches and Item Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • 1 year limited warranty

Plastic cracks & leaks.
Plastic scratches easily.

Note: Majority of blender jars are made of plastic even high end brands like Vitamix, Blendtec & Breville.


Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve (BL740) 

The Ninja® Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja® Cups is a professional, high-powered blender with 1100 watts of power. Its XL 72 oz.* blender jar great for making drinks for the entire family and it features Total Crushing® blades that is perfect with ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing.  Plus, its 16 oz. Nutri Ninja® cups with to-go lids are perfect for making healthy personalized drinks.  *64 oz. Max Liquid Capacity


A powerful blender with many safety features if not followed properly it will not blend. Blades are very sharp. Perfect for chopping and shredding. Crushes ice perfectly and consistency of smoothies is very smooth. It comes with 2 smaller cups which is a plus. With the smaller cup things comes out smoother and finer than with the big pitcher. 4 suction cups at the bottom to hold the blender in place. Well worth the price with great customer service.

  • 1100 Watt Motor BaseXL
  • 72 oz. PitcherPitcher Lid
  • Ninja®Total Crushing Blade
  • 2 – 16 oz. Nutri Ninja®Cups
  • 2 Nutri Ninja® To-Go Lids
  • Nutri Ninja® Blade Assembly
  • All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Instruction Book
  • Recipe Inspiration Guide
  • Quick Start Guide

Customers have stated that plastic container easily breaks. The blender is loud.

Some people have complained that blade came loose when pouring smoothie plus splatter mess.




Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-IQ BL642

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto -IQ BL642Z

Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto-IQ (Blender, Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups)  BL682

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender (BL642)  Ninja Blender BL642Z  Ninja Nutri Blender BL682
1500 Watt/2 HP Motor Base with Auto-iQ Technology
72 oz. ** Pitcher with Lid and Pour Spout
Total Crushing Blades
(1) Jumbo Multi-Serve 32 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup
32 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup
(3) Sip & Seal Lids
(1) Pro Extractor Blade
Instruction Book
Auto-iQ Program Guide
All jars, blades, and lids are BPA free and dishwasher safe
Below is the difference between Ninja Blender BL642, BL642Z, BL682
75 Recipe Cookbook 40 Recipe Inspiration Guide 40 Recipe Inspiration Guide
(1) Small 18 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup (2) Regular 24 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup (2) Regular 24 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup
(1) Regular 24 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup 64oz. Food Processor Bowl with Lid and Drizzle Hole.
Chopping Blade
Dough Blade

The Auto-iQ Technology is a great feature! It’s a powerful and versatile blender that can do more than just  drinks. Even used it as a food processor. Great in making smoothie with no chunks. The Ninja is so easy to use and easy to clean. Love that it has a pitcher for large batches and three individual cups WITH travel tops for my daily smoothies. The price makes it so affordable.  


The Ninja with pitcher and its cover doesn’t fit under the cabinets as others have pointed. A bit loud and hard to take off lid.


It is extremely well-designed and the motor is very powerful. When pulverizing seed it doesn’t stick to the cup which makes for easy clean up. It  crushes everything well.  Works as advertised.  Easy to use and easy to clean. Nice to have the single serve cups rather than the larger pitcher for small servings. Most used appliance in the kitchen. Well worth every penny. 


A bit loud and very difficult when opening the lid.



One of the best blenders in the market. High quality blender. Great product and works very well.  Pulverizes anything you put in it. Blades are very sharp. Easy to make bread dough with it. Easy to clean. The suctions on the bottom of the blender is great, holds the blender in place! 


It is loud when in use. 

When using the big pitcher to make smoothie it comes out chunky and thick but when using the smaller cup we get that nice smooth consistency.



Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771)


A very powerful  blender/food processor with very sharp blades. Easy to clean since you can separately clean the blade and the container. Great for chopping, grinding and mixing and it evenly chops. Made pizza dough, cookie dough and bread with this blender. Crushes ice into snow cone like texture and shakes and smoothies comes out smooth. Great for making single drink with the single cup. Another nice feature the To-Go lids for the Nutri Ninja Cups.

The two large pitchers don’t have blades on the bottom, but instead a whole column of blades running through the center of the pitcher. There are many options for power, speed, etc. The base has 4 suction cups to hold it in place.

The pour spout lid is very secured thus no accidental spills.

Customer service is great too. 


Customer have stated the blender is super loud and the locking system can be inconvenient. The container jar is made of plastic, after so many use you see lines on the pitcher.  No opening or hole on lid.

My opinion: I have owned different brands of blenders over the years and they are all loud especially when crushing ice. Also, it is a good idea that it comes with many safety features since you will need that once you start blending especially crushing ice and frozen fruits. Some people complained about blades being too sharp and they got cut while cleaning it. Other customers have addressed this issue and stated that they need to read the instruction first, which I agree. Who doesn’t want a sharp blade when chopping?


Ninja blender BL770 & BL771 share the same features except that the Ninja Blender BL771 includes a 3 Cup Bowl-in-Bowl with Chopping Blade.

A complete system that boost 1500 watt/2HP motor for optimal performance that can a to inspire & simplify healthy living for your busy lifestyle. This is a true asset to any kitchen that can handle all of your drink and meal making needs.

The XL 72oz. blender pitcher features Total Crushing® Technology  that crushes ice and frozen fruit to a delicious creamy frozen drinks and smoothies for everyone!  Includes Two 16oz. Nutri Ninja® Cups are perfect for on the go and are great for creating personalized, nutrient-rich drinks.

Included is an 8 cup food processing bowl that chops fresh ingredients perfectly or mix up to 2 pounds of dough in 30 seconds.

  • Powerful 1500 Watt/2 Horsepower Professional Kitchen System
  • XL 72oz. Total Crushing®Blender crushes ice and frozen fruit in seconds
  • 8 Cup Food Processor Bowl with Feed Chute Lid – make 2 lbs. of dough in 30 seconds!
  • Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc & Grating Disc for perfect, even results
  • 2 16oz. Nutri Ninja®Cups for nutrient-rich drinks on-the-go
  • All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

The blender is super powerful. Makes great smoothies. Purees evetything perfectly. It comes with a food processor that chops with consistency. The blase are super sharp. Works mostly as advertised.

The big blender works but does not blend solids to a liquid form like the individual cups do. The individual cups blade are sharp and works very fast. It would be impossible to hurt yourself and anyone around you especially children with the safety features of this blender. Best appliance in the kitchen.

This blender/food processor has replaced other appliances in the kitchen. 


The motor is loud, especially when blending frozen fruits.  

Some customers have mentioned that after over a year their motor just quit working.


All the components of your Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen System work together to create meals that taste good and that can make your busy life a lot easier. Ninja® 4-in-1 Kitchen System features four interchangeable vessels: The 72 oz.* Total Crushing®Pitcher, 24 oz. High-Speed Blender Cup, 4 cup** Precision Processor Bowl, and Auto-Spiralizer can handle a wide variety of cooking tasks, with this 4 in 1 machine.  With a touch of a button, chop, mince, grind, puree, blend, make dough, and so much more with the Auto-iQ® programs that delivers a perfectly consistent results at all times.


A powerful, well built blender/food processor that  can chop, mince, grind, puree, spiralize, and blend. Comes with an assortment of attachments that adds many functionality to the basic blending package. 

The 72 ounces pitcher is huge but easy too handle and great for big families. It is also nice that it came with personal cups for smaller portions. Another added feature is the spiralizing. Makes food exciting especially for vegans.

Nice to have the suction cups to hold the motor to the counter. The quick release levers make moving the motor easy.

Easy to clean especially with the cleaning brush that came with it. One end has a pick and other has a brush. 


  • Slim High Speed Blender Cup smoothies on the go.
  • Auto-Spiralizer transforms vegetables and fruits into three different noodle styles healthier than real noodles.
  • 72 oz. Total Crushing Pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for delicious creamy frozen drinks and smoothies.
  • 4-cup Precision Processor handles everything from chopping and mixing to dough making and pureeing all in one machine.
  • Auto-iQ Technology features intelligent programs that combine specific timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do the work for you.
  • Includes one 1200-watt base, 4 high-performance attachments, 3 spiralizing discs, and a 40-recipe book.

Loud but aren’t they all.

Top Rated Best Ninja Blenders Review & Comparison
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